You Didnt Build That

You Didnt Build That. “you didn’t build that” is a quote uttered by president barack obama during his campaign speech in roanoke, virginia on july 13th, 2012. I blogged about it back in august 2012 and got almost a record number of comments.

The Conclusion of Obama Logic Andrew B You Didn't
The Conclusion of Obama Logic Andrew B You Didn't from

You see, there’s a little problem with mr. During a campaign stop of friday in roanoke, virginia barack obama insulted entrepreneurs and business owners as he spoke about government being what made them what they are. In rebuttal, his defenders point to his more complete statement for clarification:

I Didn’t See My Life Collapse And Recover Four Times And Counting And Credit My Own Efforts For The Recovery.

He said he meant that businesses can’t succeed without the. Obama was right if all he meant is that in building your business, you needed roads and bridges that taxes paid for. Now you live in towns you didn't build, and you eat grapes and olives from vineyards and trees you didn't plant.

A Really Good Political Cartoon Sums Up The Absurdity Of A Situation Without Much Verbiage.

Branco ( original here, reprinted with permission) captures perfectly how out of touch obama is when discussing the role of government in helping individuals succeed. The left is clear about their view. You didn't build that is a phrase from an 2012 election campaign speech delivered by former united states president barack obama on july 13, 2012, in roanoke, virginia.

You Had Teachers, And People Building Roads And Bridges, And Employees, And People Buying Your Products, And So On And So Forth.”.

Few forms of proportional taxation, and certainly no progressive marginal rates, can be justified on the basis of public goods consumption. Of course he was referring to the roads and infrastructure that support. Aug 31 2012 at 11:30pm.

You Didn't Build That Business, Somebody Else Did.

“if you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. President obama's you didn't build that statement to successful business owners has created a serious backlash. I and paul ryan, according to you, didn’t become successful because of hard work.

You See, There’s A Little Problem With Mr.

Somebody else made that happen.”. In rebuttal, his defenders point to his more complete statement for clarification: President tries to backtrack, but the headlines betray two sets of rules… and the ones that apply to you are much tougher…

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